Who are we

Reliance Manpower Services (RMS) is a well known Afghan manpower supply and services company. RMS was established to remove barriers and increase linkage between skilled labours and employers. RMS is established in consent with Afghanistan Ministry of Labour and registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) under Business License No. D-41877.

RMS aims to be a one stop manpower solution to employers and clients who look for vetted, medically screened skilled, unskilled labours and personnel in different areas, i.e. Finance, Administration, Information Technology, Construction, Electronics, Engineering, Weaving, Sewing, Cooking, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Cleaning, Transportation (soft and hard vehicles), Watchmen, Watchwomen, Hospitality, and Catering Staffing. We offer services to facilitate recruitment at all levels and functions. RMS serves clients in diverse industries throughout Afghanistan.

Our Vision

Reliance Manpower Services as a dedicated manpower solution provider. RMs provides high quality innovative services that combine high performance with lucrative workforce while supplying successful employees. RMS constantly strives to meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

Our Mission

Reliance Manpower Services mission is to provide superior, personalized service through our professional staff of dedicated people. To accomplish our mission, we are committed to:

  • Listen to clients and understand their needs
  • Consider clients as our mission partners
  • Provide excellent workforce
  • Take advantage of technology
  • Reward employee achievement
  • Profitability

Our Values

Reliance Manpower values are shared values. We put shared values into our day to day working practices to ensure we are successful partner with our clients. Our core values direct how we will achieve our purpose and aim, which is to deliver state of the art human resources services to our clients.

These values are:

  • Respect: We believe in respecting our clients, partners and colleagues
  • Accountability: We are accountable for our actions and decisions
  • Integrity: We believe in honesty and being fair at all times
  • Improvement: We believe in “Lessons Learned” and continually improve our services from our experiences
  • Open Communication: We believe in “Information is Power” and stay connected with our clients
  • Customer Care: We believe in excellent Customer Care, which is the key to our success
  • Team Work: We believe together we can change (Impossible to I am possible), so we focus on our missions and assignments
  • Innovation: We strive to say “Nothing Said Before” and do “Nothing Done Before”
  • Dependability: We believe in what we do, we deliver what we promise

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